Packet Capture Appliances


A full range of packet capture appliances that supply wire data (LiveFlow) for monitoring and packet data for root-cause analysis. Enables investigations with advanced packet capture and analysis software for enterprises around the world.

Meet LiveCapture (FKA Omnipliance Ultra)

LiveCapture’s award-winning packet capture and analysis provide network packet capture at up to 20Gbps with up to 128TB of storage in a single 2U appliance.

LiveCapture is the most powerful and comprehensive single-box performance monitoring and investigation solution available. With LiveCapture, everything you need to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) of network issues is included.

LiveCapture 1K

LiveCapture 3K

LiveCapture 1K

LiveCapture 1K, LiveAction’s most affordable packet capture and analysis appliance is an ideal solution for monitoring less demanding 1G and 10G networks and remote locations such as branch offices.

Product Description



  • Pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated Capture Engine software
  • 16 TB of storage
  • Supports one 1G or 10G high-performance Adapter for LiveCapture


  • Branch Offices
  • SMBs

LiveCapture 3K

LiveCapture 3K features both powerful network recording for capturing terabytes of traffic with no packet loss, and award-winning Capture Engine software for performing real-time analysis of live network traffic and forensic network analysis of recorded traffic. LiveCapture 3K is designed for capturing and analyzing traffic from more demanding 1G, 10G, and 40G networks.

Product Description



  • Capture network data at up to 20 Gbps
  • Pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated Capture Engine software
  • 64 TB or 128 TB of storage
  • Support for up to 3 high-performance Adapters for LiveCapture


  • Data centers
  • NOCs
  • WAN links