Flexible Deployment Options

LiveNX purpose-built for your environment, your way.

LiveNX Server Appliance

LiveNX comes in various packages for easy deployment. The server package of LiveNX includes LiveUX, LiveInsight and LiveAgent modules, for a comprehensive all-in-one SD-WAN network performance monitoring platform.

LiveNX offers 3 software packages and one hardware appliance package for quick and easy installations for public cloud, on-premises licensed or on a Cisco ENCS branch-in-a-box and a purpose-built server appliance.


The LiveNX Server Appliance delivers flexible deployment options with pre-bundled, tested LiveNX in a self-contained, fully scalable server appliance. In addition to on-premises and public cloud-based deployments, this server appliance delivers an easy to install and rapid deployment option for IT Operational environments.

LiveNX Server Appliance

On Premises License

LiveNX All-in-One suite bundles LiveNX Network Performance and Analytics platform with; LiveInsight, for proactive machine learning insights; LiveUX, cloud-based application performance monitoring and, LiveAgent for visibility beyond the edge of the network, to the endpoint whether physical or virtual.

Public Cloud

LiveNX comes pre-packaged to public cloud deployments, whether in Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud. As a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, LiveNX will co-reside within your public cloud infrastructure for east-west and north-south visibility.

Cisco ENCS Application

LiveNX comes pre-packaged as a deployable module within a Cisco Enterprise Network Computing System 5000 Series. LiveNX delivers full: NetFlow, SNMP, REST (any VNF + HW platform) for any NFV function in the service chain.

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