Flexible Deployment Options

LiveNX purpose-built for your environment, your way.

LiveNX Server Appliance

LiveNX comes in various packages for easy deployment. The server package of LiveNX includes LiveUX, LiveInsight and LiveAgent modules, for a comprehensive all-in-one SD-WAN network performance monitoring platform.

LiveNX offers 3 software packages and one hardware appliance package for quick and easy installations for public cloud, on-premises licensed or on a Cisco ENCS branch-in-a-box and a purpose-built server appliance.

LiveNX Server Appliance Readme

This LiveNX hardware platform Readme outlines the steps required to set up the LiveNX server appliance as well as what’s new in LiveNX 7.3.

For detailed information on the network configuration needed to ensure LiveNX can collect relevant data from the network and deliver end-to-end network visibility, please refer to the LiveNX quick start guide at https://community.liveaction.com/documentation/


The LiveNX Server Appliance delivers flexible deployment options with pre-bundled, tested LiveNX in a self-contained, fully scalable server appliance. In addition to on-premises and public cloud-based deployments, this server appliance delivers an easy to install and rapid deployment option for IT Operational environments.

LiveNX Server Appliance

On Premises License

LiveNX All-in-One suite bundles LiveNX Network Performance and Analytics platform with; LiveInsight, for proactive machine learning insights; LiveUX, cloud-based application performance monitoring and, LiveAgent for visibility beyond the edge of the network, to the endpoint whether physical or virtual.

Public Cloud

LiveNX comes pre-packaged to public cloud deployments, whether in Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud. As a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, LiveNX will co-reside within your public cloud infrastructure for east-west and north-south visibility.

Cisco ENCS Application

LiveNX comes pre-packaged as a deployable module within a Cisco Enterprise Network Computing System 5000 Series. LiveNX delivers full: NetFlow, SNMP, REST (any VNF + HW platform) for any NFV function in the service chain.

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