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Network-Wide Visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility, optimize application and network performance and unify network data. 

Network Visibility
Isn't Out of Reach

LiveAction solutions allow you to deliver the network performance your organization demands.

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LiveAction is the only solution to provide end-to-end
network visibility in a single pane of glass

Explore our suite of network management products.

LiveNX is a network and application performance management and monitoring platform with patented end-to-end visualization for a global view of the network and the ability to drill down to individual devices.

Using LiveNX enterprises:

  • Gain real-time and continuous insight into network traffic based on application and user-level activity
  • Simplify network monitoring and accelerate troubleshooting by unifying all key network monitoring data types
  • Have the ability to gather and analyze volumes of network data at scale from every device, application, etc

LiveWire enables real-time and post-event analytics up to 20Gbps and is perfect for capturing packets from virtually anywhere in the network.

Key benefits include:

  • LiveWire captures and analyzes traffic at 20Gbps. It enables real-time and cross launch capabilities for when further packet-level analysis is required.
  • Gather detailed troubleshooting requires detailed data, including network packets, for network and application troubleshooting
  • Optimize security and compliance, get the most comprehensive data available, network packets, to effectively report on and investigate issues

LiveNA lets you proactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve network performance issues with AI/ML.

As our “expert in a box” LiveNA delivers:

  •  Allows you to go from being reactive to proactive.
  •  Identify site and application issues BEFORE they happen
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of your network through machine learning and heuristics.

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