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Network Visibility

Peak Awareness.
Agnostic Visibility.
Foundational Security.

Network visibility for any configuration or complexity. If you can’t see it, you can’t solve it.


  • Cyber Security Powered by Network Visibility

    Threat detection and response (TDR) tools are built upon network visibility intelligence. Google found that 90% of Google Chrome traffic on windows is now encrypted. Without visibility, cybercriminals take advantage of these tunnels to plant malicious code.

  • Solution for Cloud and SD-WAN Visibility

    Vendor agnostic tools are critical for networks that utilize multi or hybrid cloud solutions. SD-WAN solutions can consist of different WiFi, DIA, and MPLS circuits. The ability to collect and analyze traffic data regardless of the service provider is critical for today’s complex networks.

  • Performance Insights

    Establish automatic baselines of application performance and alert for deviations. Remotely view and manage network devices. See bandwidth usage across the network by user or application. Maximize server processing power by aligning and prioritizing critical traffic to the proper flow paths.

  • VoIP Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting choppyUCaaS performance and video calls can send tech support down a rabbit hole. Adequate network visibility should include functionality to search by time of day and IP address to playback the call and to experience the exact issue. Save tech support the back and forth email chains. Instantly recreate the situation. Get network visibility. Get your time back.

Trusted by 1000+ of the world’s largest IT teams.
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Why guess?
LiveAction has the answers


    Multi-Dimensional Visibility

    Expand network traffic visibility with packet capture, virtual taps, flow analysis, and threat detection all rolled into one powerful solution.


    Create flow where it never existed before

    LiveAction can create enhanced IPFIX from packets in areas traditionally unable to produce flow.

  • Integrated Tools

    Collect and analyze diverse data types under one platform

    LiveAction visual topology platform allows teams to correlate diverse data types into one graph for faster action and decision making.

Achieve complete network transparency in one powerful platform.

LiveAction’s patented network performance and application management platform brings visibility to the dark corners of the network. From datacenters to remote sites to WAN and SD-WAN configurations.  The results? Less guessing. Faster troubleshooting.

Our numbers say a
thousand words.

  • 75%
    of LiveAction IT organizations realize a return on investment in under 12 months
  • 90%
    of LiveAction customers would recommend it to their IT friends
  • 100%
    of LiveAction customers achieved faster problem diagnosis and root-cause analysis

When you win, we win.

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    LiveAction meets all my specific technical needs and the account team cares about our success and has always been there for us. It’s not just about the product- people make the company a winner!”

    Chet Patel, Director at Carnival Corporation

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