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Network Management

Multifaceted Control.
Top-Down Visibility.
Adjust As You Go.

Network management performance software, for in-the-moment changes, and data-informed planning. Whatever your management style, we’ve got you covered.


  • Advanced Network Management Functions

    Full-scale reporting  on N dimensions (application, user, site, device, segment, etc.). From automated baselining and trending reports and ready made templates, to custom capabiltiites, set the cadence at how frequently you want the report to run and what you want to measure.

  • Enterprise Network Management

    Our robust network management software has the scale and power to optimize your entire global network.

    With any significant network size, a device management services (DMS), is needed. LiveAction includes a cloud-hosted DMS to easily make global changes across probes from a centralized dashboard.


  • Network Performance Fault Analysis

    Optimized performance is the key to any network management tool. Equally important are audit capabilities to perform fault analysis forensics for critical takeaways post network event.

  • Take Control of your Network at Any Stage

    LiveAction brings tools to the table necessary to bring visibility to provisioning managing and maintaining a network for success. Trusted by Fortune 50 companies, governments, and billion-dollar corporations to keep networks running at peak performance, whatever transformation phase you’re at.

Trusted by 1000+ of the world’s largest IT teams.
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The Best Tool
In Your Network Management Belt


    Intelligent Alerting

    There are different types of alerts, severity of type, and groups of individuals who need to be made aware of those triggers. Choose between different audiences and different alert levels to make sure the right alerts are being seen by the right people. Cut back on alert fatigue by creating custom, targeted alerting tiers.


    Network Measurement  / Quality of Service (QoS)

    LiveAction’s Network Management Software allows users to make on-the-spot policy  changes in response to dynamic environments. See, set and adjust polcies in seconds.


    Accelerate Security Investigations With Integrated Packet and Flow Anywhere

    LiveAction’s multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-cloud network environment allows you to reveal security lapses across your network regardless of associated provider.

Overlay and Underlay network management software. In one platform.

LiveAction’s patented network management and network monitoring software allows you to oversee the health and performance of your entire network footprint, then drill down into individual devices. Correlate IPFIX, Packets, API, and SNMP data for holistic accuracy. The results? Less troubleshooting. More innovating.

Our numbers say a
thousand words.

  • 75%
    of LiveAction IT organizations realize a return on investment in under 12 months
  • 90%
    of LiveAction customers would recommend it to their IT friends
  • 100%
    of LiveAction customers achieved faster problem diagnosis and root-cause analysis

When you win, we win.

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    LiveAction meets all my specific technical needs and the account team cares about our success and has always been there for us. It’s not just about the product- people make the company a winner!”

    Chet Patel, Director at Carnival Corporation

What’s your network management strategy?

Let us introduce you to the world’s only all-in-one network management solution.

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