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Network Analytics

Network performance analytics and reporting are critical to network monitoring and optimization.

networkanalyticsTo effectively manage and expedite network troubleshooting and improve optimization of multiple interrelated technologies, you need a network analytics solution that can ingest all network data sources across the entire network – WAN, SD-WAN, Multi-cloud, remote sites, data centers, and WiFi.

LiveNX provides real-time performance visibility from across the network to proactively identify and resolve network issues, anywhere they happen.

  • Get full visibility into network performance across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud networked environments utilizing Flow data (i.e. Netflow, IPFIX, SFlow, JFlow, LiveFlow, etc.)
  • Utilize LiveWire packet capture appliances to provide flow and packet data from remote or data center sites for analysis within LiveNX. Perform wireless packet capture for performance analysis within LiveNX and Omnipeek.
  • Visual analytics for Cisco specific REST APIs (such as DNA Center and vManage), as well as other vendor network elements, to verify and optimize application performance.

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