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LiveAction is ALL IN at CiscoLive

Schedule and attend a meeting with LiveAction and receive a $100 Amazon gift card as our thank you.

While you’re there enjoy all the activities of our booth #2169

  • Play “Spot the Blind Spot” – high score wins a SurfaceBook
  • Get dazzled at one of our interactive demo stations
  • Take home a custom airbrushed waterbottle
  • Cathartic group scream at 10 AM
  • Stump the chump, chat with a network expert about your unique challenges
  • Enter a giveaway and fill your swag bag

Book a time to meet with us

Booth hours:

Monday, June 13th: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Tuesday, June 14th: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Wednesday, June 15th: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday, June 16th: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Scroll down to see what else is going on at booth #2169…

Get a customized water bottle from award-winning LA airbrush graffiti artist

Nothing is as great as free merch that has your name on it…literally. Get your favorite team name and colors, your dog’s name, your kid’s name – whatever your heart desires. We put “packet + flow = <3” on ours.

Screen-Shot-2022-05-02-at-9 36 31-PM

Attend our Speaker Session on How to Combine Security with Network Monitoring

Maybe you think SecOps and NetOps operate in two separate universes. LiveAction founder John Smith presents this alternate, collaborative reality, and the best practices behind it. Don’t forget to bookmark this session.

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Highest Score at "Spot the Blindspot" Game Wins a Surface Book

Leverage LiveAction’s NPM solutions real-time to find blind spots in our sample network. By using the power of LiveAction solutions you should be able to uncover blind spots in record time.


Book a Demo with LiveAction

  • Monitor the Entire Network: Monitor the performance of your network, whether it’s a remote branch site, Campus, SD-WAN, Data Center, or Cloud.
  • View Real-Time and Historical Insights: Our demo will explore real-time metrics and path routing or use DVR-like playback ability to view historical activity.
  • Correlate diverse data types: LiveAction contains the broadest telemetry available and can correlate Flow, Packet, API, SNMP.
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See you at the LiveAction booth #2169 at Cisco Live!