LiveAction Release v5.03

Jul 2015

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-3977: Missing ToS value in flow causing NPE in Medianet Path Analysis

LiveAction Release v5.02

Jul 2015

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-3742: Devices are greyed out on Flow Configuration Dialog

  • LD-3754: AVC support is not detected on Cisco ISR 4K

  • LD-3757: Devices are appearing as down even though snmp data is being polled

LiveAction Release v5.01

Jul 2015

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-3613: Added license expired warning in Management Console status bar

  • LD-3561: CLI connection test not working when devices are on remote nodes and server has no access to devices

LiveAction Release v5.0

Jul 2015

New Features and Enhancements:

  • LiveUX – Initial integration with LiveUX. See LiveUX notes for additional info

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-3450: Report legend lines are missing in pdf reports

  • LD-3460: Exception when running address pair report

LiveAction Release v4.4

5 Jun 2015

New Features and Enhancements:

  • System
    • Added role based access control per LiveAction user

    • Added capability to not cache device credential per LiveAction user

  • Alert
    • Added alerting for LiveAction monitor-only CLI commands

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2976:  Schedule reports not using saved filter

  • LD-3307:  Unknown site filter not working on Site Traffic Report

  • LD-3250:  NPE for resolving custom application name with IPv6 address

  • LD-3257:  Drill down on reports does not set direction correctly for reports that do not have a direction selector

  • LD-3258:  Cannot edit advanced ipsla settings in Manage Test dialog

  • LD-3334:  Alerting on Medianet fields for values with NA

  • LD-3137:  Path Jitter Tests does not show up in LiveAction

  • LD-3305:  Destination Network Report missing destination column

  • LD-3130:  Custom prompt “UserName:” not supported

LiveAction Release v4.31

27 Apr 2015

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Flow
    • Added support for wildcard mask in flow search
  • Reports
    • Added hourly schedule reports
  • Misc
    • Added wildcard mask support in custom application

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2963: Flow path analysis shows amber when class-default alert is suppressed
  • LD-3002: Purge failed due to unable to create directory

LiveAction Release v4.30

31 Mar 2015

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Reports
    • Added interface bandwidth utilization report
    • Added flow protocol port report
  • Flow
    • Added configuration support for unified performance monitor
  • API
    • Added rest API for flow report data

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2832: Error loading config on manage QoS due to ATM interface
  • LD-2833: Excessive threads due to client disconnection
  • LD-2835: Interface filter not working in top analysis report
  • LD-2819: Site WAN interface utilization report showing zero utilization
  • LD-2826: Application group not filtering correctly when entries are in multiple groups

LiveAction Release v4.24

26 Feb 2015

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2736: Tunnel interfaces missing from topology
  • LD-2546: Nodes sometimes disconnect from Server
  • LD-2540: Adding a device with the same serial number not throwing the correct error
  • LD-2529: Interface data not polled for interfaces that do not have 64-bit oids
  • LD-2757: Device not added due to PfRv3 config

LiveAction Release v4.23

30 Jan 2015

New Features and Enhancements:

  • IWAN
    • Added PfRv3 configuration wizard

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2159: System refresh on flow tab freezes for large number of devices
  • LD-2563: Site WAN Interface Utilizations widget showing incorrect bandwidth capacity
  • LD-2569: Null pointer exception in flow interface widget on custom dashboard

LiveAction Release v4.21

3 Dec 2014

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2474: Memory leak with IP SLA polling
  • LD-2473: Memory leak with report cache not closing
  • LD-2478: Null pointer exception when creating custom application
  • LD-2376: Nexus 7k snmp polling timeout
  • LD-2099: Right click report list does not fit in Mac client window

LiveAction Release v4.20

21 Nov 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • System
    • Support for up to 1000 interfaces per device
    • Auto collapse of groups
    • Zoom 2x more
    • Pan usability improvements
    • Export topology to Visio
  • Dashboard
    • Added Application centric dashboard
  • Flow
    • Added AVC support in Path Analysis
  • QoS
    • Support for polling Nexus 7k
  • Reports
    • Collation of reports by groups
    • Collation of reports that are open in the report tabs
    • Added peak bit rate in flow time-series reports
    • Added 90day and yearly option in QoS reports
    • Added Interface burstable report(95 percentile)
  • Alert
    • Support for alerting based on tags for Qos and Flow alerts
  • Database
    • Mount support
    • Auto purge when hard drive is low on space(5GB)
    • Longer purge periods
    • Archive on purge

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1998: Topology groups do not return to same state as after exiting the client
  • LD-2150: Long hostname prevents configuration changes
  • LD-2114: NBAR definition not updated to latest protocol pack(12)
  • LD-2215: NBAR rate not matching CLI

LiveAction Release v4.14

28 Oct 2014

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-2166: POODLE security vulnerability in SSLv3
  • LD-2122: Update EULAs to reflect updated company name

LiveAction Release v4.13

10 Oct 2014

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1968: Cannot add device with custom prompt
  • LD-2066: Label field behaves differently from other fields
  • LD-2065: Only 1000 users can be parsed from LDAP database
  • LD-2098: Custom time range in reports not formatted correctly on Mac client
  • LD-2100: Retransmission count not aggregated in AVC Application Performance report

LiveAction Release v4.12

10 Sep 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Flow
    • Added PfRv3 performance dashboard and reports

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1958: IP SLA test schedules are lost when a test is modified
  • LD-1960: Flow arrows showing incorrect direction on topology for member ports on port-channel

LiveAction Release v4.11

22 Aug 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • System
    • Added multi-admin support
  • Flow
    • Added PfRv3 dashboard and reports
    • Added flow sampling for reports and dashboard
    • Added additional drill downs from flow path analysis to reports
    • Alert
    • Added PfRv3 alerts
  • Misc
    • Integrated Net LineDancer, a network configuration and change management tool

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1804: Interfaces missing from add/remove interface dialog on Nexus 7K
  • LD-1835: DSCP reports return no data

LiveAction Release v4.03

1 Aug 2014

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1842: Source IP flow end points not going through subnet clouds
  • LD-1843: Null pointer exception when editing device settings in export devices window

LiveAction Release v4.02

29 Jul 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • System
    • Added capability to collapse groups to fix size as in pre 4.0 versions
  • Add Device
    • Added capability to export device/interface information to csv
    • Added Service Provider tag
  • Flow
    • Added Ixia flow support
  • Misc
    • Made usernames case insensitive

LiveAction Release v4.01

27 Jun 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • System
    • Added topology pan lock
    • Hide details as user zooms out such as names, interfaces, and clouds
    • Made flow lines thicker
    • Group enhancements
      • Show group boundary when expanded
      • Boundary based off devices
  • Add Device
    • Added node selection
    • Added advance add via csv export/import
    • Added option to add device as monitor only
  • Reports
  • Alerts
    • Added device pick list to make selection easier when there are a lot of devices
    • Added flow DSCP vs Application report
  • Scale
    • Multi-node architecture

LiveAction Release v3.16

25 Mar 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated User Guide

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1122: Routing table retrieval error with next hop override in RIB
  • LD-1153: Flow filter not working when combined with other filters

LiveAction Release v3.13

31 Jan 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added single user license

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-1000: Charts are not shown in Flow time series HTML reports

LiveAction Release v3.12

17 Jan 2014

Resolved Issues:

  • LD-906: Save button in QoS report prompts users to enter a new name when custom report is selected
  • LD-959: Drill down from QoS interface view to QoS reports use client time instead of server time
  • LD-960: Flow reports are not executed when drilling down from Flow interface view
  • LD-904: Chart legend is not shown in PDF files for IP SLA reports
  • LD-957: Performance issues with flow aggregation and dashboard

LiveAction Release v3.11

8 Jan 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Flow
    • Added Basic flow support in path analysis feature
  • Report
    • Added Site Traffic Reports
    • Added Latency, Jitter, and Loss charts to Single Test Time Series Jitter reports
  • Misc
    • Added Full-Config support for defining tags
    • Added support for alerting on drops for all interfaces

Resolved Issues:

  • LA-877: Unhandled error when using a empty search string in a report