Layer 2 Visualization With LiveNX

Visualize, Monitor, and Control Your Routes Across the Network

LiveNX LAN provides real-time Layer 2 visualizations for networks, including trunk interfaces, port channels, VLAN associations, spanning tree connections, and bandwidth usage. LiveNX LAN also provides Layer 2 QoS statistics per interface and per hardware queues correlated by CoS and DSCP settings.

LiveNX Data Sheet 14-Day Trial Test Drive

Use the ‘Selected VLAN’ dropdown menu to select any available VLAN index in the entire system topology. The VLAN will be highlighted in the system view.

LiveNX Simplifies LAN Management Tasks

  • Ease of use

    An intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to view and troubleshoot Layer 2 VLAN

  • Rich visualizations

    LiveAction provides live topological views with numerous filtering options for highly focused visualizations of the VLANs on the network. LiveAction displays VLAN paths and spanning trees graphically across the network topology to enhance root cause analysis of Layer 2 issues.

  • Improved efficiency and performance

    Built-in tools and visualizations reduce the time required to troubleshoot Layer 2 network problems and improve network security, efficiency, and quality of service.

  • Interactive troubleshooting

    The powerful ‘Show VLAN’ and ‘Show Spanning Tree Topology’ feature allows IT engineers, regardless of their experience level, to visualize and trace the root of a spanning tree bridge and map out Layer 2 VLAN topology efficiently.

  • Layer 2 QoS

    Layer 2 QoS statistic including CoS, DSCP and IP precedence, dropped packets, interface warnings

  • Proactive monitoring

    Use spanning tree topology change alerts to detect changes in the network, add or remove devices

Voice and Video Optimization

Watch LiveNX’s LAN Capabilities in Action

LiveNX LAN Capabilities

  • Real-time layer 2 visualizations for networks, including trunk interfaces, port channels, VLAN associations and bandwidth percentages Spanning Tree Protocol visualization and reporting
  • Discovery of LAN topology, devices and interfaces
  • VLAN Service Policy
  • System-wide visual VLAN tracing in topology view
  • VLAN, trunk and access port drill down views per device
  • LAN alerts, reports, tools, QoS and VLAN status
  • Find IP/MAC addresses
  • Add/Edit up to 25 L2 VLAN
  • VLAN support for Catalyst 2960, 3750, 3560, 4500, 6500, and 7600
  • Layer 2 QoS monitoring support Cisco Catalyst switches and 7600
  • Layer 2 statistics including CoS, DSCP and IP precedence
  • Dropped packets, interface warnings through network polling at the VLAN level