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Incident Response and Network Forensics

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smallerMost network engineers would prefer to solve network and application problems without analyzing network packets, and fortunately LiveNX allows you monitor and troubleshoot most problems at the flow level. But there are times, and they are often critical, when detailed packet analysis is essential.

One of those times is when flow information is just not granular enough to answer the question. Network monitoring indicates the issue – high latency for a specific user or application – but the data is not detailed enough to know if the network or the application is at fault.

LiveWire allows you to:

  • Immediately pivot from the dashboard to the packets that generated the flow
  • Get a clear packet by packet visualization that shows the network is responding quickly with packet acknowledgements, but the application is slow in responding with data.

Another critical time is during a response to a security alert, or worse, an on-going security incident. Network packets provide:

  • Detailed information required to understand the threat vector behind a zero-day attack,
  • Visibility into how an attack is propagating in the network
  • Opportunity to eliminate the current threat and know how to detect it and respond proactively in the future.

Even if you’re not doing the analysis, SecOps will come searching for network packets, and LiveWire or LiveCapture will have those packets available for immediate analysis.

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