1. LiveNX Introduction

This overview of LiveNX includes the basic architecture of the host platform, deployment, and initial system set up.  This Module will help you visualize and interpret the LiveNX architecture and framework, compare different types of navigation, and explain how they are used.  Other performance features as well as licensing, security and database management are discussed.…

3. LiveNX NetFlow

This LiveNX NetFlow Training Video Module introduces Cisco’s version of packet flow statistics collection, NetFlow, and how it is accessed in LiveNX.  We’ll describe how to visualize and interpret network flow traffic.  Fundamentals of NetFlow including implementation, storage, and reporting are detailed.


LiveNX uses Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement (SLA) to generate synthetic network traffic for the purpose of monitoring latency, loss, jitter, and mean opinion score (MOS). Learn to use LiveNX to automatically generate live topology views showing data paths of IP SLA test traffic and their status, and view reports that include results of…

5. LiveNX Routing

Discover how to use LiveNX for routing visualization across a live topology view, as well as detailed routing tables in the device level view.  This Module will detail the process required to create real-time visualization, and use path tracing tools to enable easy detection of routing loops, asymmetric routes, and other anomalies that impact network…

4. LiveNX LAN

Learn to view real-time Layer 2 visualizations for networks, including trunk interfaces, port channels, VLAN associations, spanning tree connections, and bandwidth usage.  Use LiveNX LAN to discover Layer 2 QoS statistics per interface and per hardware queues, correlated by CoS and DSCP settings.