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LiveAction LiveNX

Implementation Of Live Action Was Simple And Results Were Immediate

November 20, 2017

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation

— Director IT Engineering in the Retail Industry

Overall Comment: Live Action was very involved from the sizing of the host environment, setup of the server, ingestion of the devices and configuration of the monitoring and data collection. With less than 10% of the environment configured we already identified operational and configuration differences that when modified will positively impact the health and performance of the environment.

Best Flow Visualization tool for Network Engineers – Security reporting is a work in progress

March 10, 2017

— Network Architect in the Services Industry

Overall Comment: installation was a breeze, getting a large internal team to learn a tool and adopt has been an ongoing challenge. Have found that consumers of Netflow data have the strong preference in the reporting engine that they are most familiar (security). While “Netflow is Netflow” there are major differences in how vendors report on and analyse that data.

LiveAction is a fantastic visualization troubleshooting and operational run tool for simplifying complex networking technologies such as Cisco iWAN.

March 16, 2017

— Network Infrastructure Manager in the Finance Industry

Overall Comment: We have had a great experience with LiveAction. From the sales team who did a great presentation and immediately got buy-in from senior management; to Implementation assistance who helped guide us through the easy setup process.; To the ongoing support for any issues we may encounter, the customer service experience has been incredible. The tool itself is the best visualization of iWAN/PfR that we have ever seen on the market.

Great Capabilities With LiveNX

September 28, 2017

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation

— Global Telecom in the Manufacturing Industry

Overall Comment: Responsive vendor. Willing to work with customer for installation, integration, and training.


Smooth Implementation And Feature-Rich Especially On Cisco Devices. Pre- And Post-Sales Support Is Outstanding.

March 10, 2017

Test lab completed well and transition to production was without surprise.

— Senior Engineer in the Communications Industry

Overall Comment: Integration with Cisco devices is near perfect, depending on some code revisions and feature licenses of course. Integration with Juniper has been less so, requiring more manual work as there is much less affinity with Juniper. Some issues with Cisco Layer-3 switches like Catalyst 6500 models with failed commands as well, though overall very good support. This product does require a thorough understanding of networking and I recommend a thorough understanding of the NetFlow process for implementation as that will impact your implementations (i.e. ingress and egress with multiple interfaces, understanding VLAN flow, and understanding sampling).

Great Product But Can Be Overwhelming!

September 6, 2017

Security and Risk Management

— IT Security Manager in the Construction Industry

Overall Comment: The product is very powerful with a lot of functionality. However, the hands-on training (8 hour block over two days) that was purchased with the product was remote and general in nature. Would have been nice to delve deeper into some of the reporting features.