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Get our free trial to quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at branch offices, WAN links, and data centers – anywhere where flow data is not currently available.

There’s more data than ever on business networks as these networks expand from the data center to WAN edge to remote sites and cloud. Getting visibility across the entire network and troubleshooting networked applications fast is difficult.

LiveWire high-performance packet capture software extends network monitoring and application troubleshooting to remote sites and branches, WAN edge, and data centers. LiveWire enables real-time and post-event analytics up to 20Gbps and is perfect for generating flow data directly from network packets from virtually anywhere in the network.

Turn your data into insights today with our free, full-featured trial and

  • Expand Visibility – Further than Before: Visibility is lacking when network infrastructure devices don’t generate flow in key areas you need to monitor, or when these devices are oversubscribed. Flow generation is often unavailable within virtual network infrastructure, but with LiveWire you can generate flow from packets, whether north-south or east-west traffic.
  • Perform Root-Cause Analysis: Many, but not all, network and application problems can be solved with flow data. But when flow data just isn’t enough, root-cause analysis based on the packets that generated the flow data is just a click away.
  • Generate the Best Flow Data Available: LiveWire generates flow data directly from packets, this data can be enhanced beyond what is available via NetFlow and IPFIX from network infrastructure devices. Enhanced flow data, which includes TCP metrics, packet retransmission details, and VoIP metrics like jitter and phone numbers, provides advanced data to streamline network and application alerting and troubleshooting.