Palo Alto, Calif – July 23, 2017LiveAction, a provider of IT network performance management, visualization, and analytics software, today announced the latest release of the LiveNX platform. The newest features further boost the performance of SD-WANs, offer increased viewability into the network of all types, and include machine learning and automation, among other enhancements. LiveNX enables network engineers and IT operations to increase productivity and improve online user experiences by making it easier to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot network performance issues.

The LiveNX platform maximizes a company’s investments in IT network management by ensuring users consistently have optimal online experiences without interruptions or delays. LiveNX performs network diagnostics, monitors service delivery to ensure service level agreements (SLA) are met, automates device discovery to make it easier for users to access the network, and issues proactive alerts to potential problems. It visualizes the entire network and presents a comprehensive view of performance through a dynamic dashboard. LiveNX also integrates with the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) as well as other multi-vendor environments.

“We strive to provide our customers with the simplest to use, yet most powerful platform for managing and optimizing network performance,” said Walter Scott, CEO, LiveAction. “To do this requires constant feedback from our growing customer base, alignment with our partners to ensure integration with their latest product releases, and the continuous refinement of our platform. With the latest release of LiveNX, customers are assured that their existing network investments will perform alongside the adoption of software-defined WAN solutions, driving down cost and improving end user experiences.”

New features in LiveNX include:

Machine learning and predictive analytics: This includes a “human in the loop” capability that incorporates the expertise and understanding of network engineers. The combination of network engineers, machine learning, and predictive analytics ensures continuous learning, automation of routine networking tasks, and optimized digital experiences for people and IoT-enabled assets.

Auto semantic device discovery: LiveNX eliminates the time consuming, labor intensive process of manual input of device names, IP addresses, and other critical factors required for network monitoring. The new auto-semantic device discovery capabilities automate the input process and consistently learns, making it easy to get up and running with LiveNX while the network continues to get smarter and faster with each use.

Integration with Cisco EasyQoS: Cisco EasyQoS is the Quality-of-Service (QoS) application built into Cisco APIC-EM (EM (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller – Enterprise Module). LiveNX extends the value of Cisco APIC-EM EasyQoS by automating the monitoring and deployment of Cisco IWAN environments.

Monitor of Monitors: Provides an aggregated, global view of the entire network. This includes all devices, links, systems, and activities running on it as well as offering deeper visibility into system health, sites, and network configurations. By maintaining an administrative separation among domains while providing centralized provisioning of users, network engineers and IT operations can more easily identify and troubleshoot issues before they impact the performance of the network.

SD-WAN alerts and notifications: LiveNX’s integration with PagerDuty, the incident management platform, enables administrators to set severity alerts based on hierarchy to notify and escalate issues through email to the proper chain of command. New alert configurations in LiveNX include REST APIs for:

  • BGP Peer Connection Change to optimize and ensure the integrity of network traffic routing.
  • Interface Percent Utilization to know where and when to make changes.
  • Path or routing changes.

Improved report templates: The new templates deliver greater granularity into network performance. They can be categorized by SD-WAN, time series data, voice usage, and the applications most frequently used. They also include flow reports for insight on site-to-site application performance and jitter/loss.

Cloud visibility: LiveNX extends visibility for IoT-enabled devices to network operators by capturing network metadata at the edge and the cloud, seeing all devices, and actively monitoring the entire network. This agent-based technology now extends to the entire topology, and therefore reduces security risks and optimizes the end-user experience for all devices.

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