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Our mission, vision, and values guide everything that we do. We are kind and forward-thinking people who are constantly learning and producing. We cherish and maintain our work culture as much as we can because it means a lot to us.

There are so many reasons to join LiveAction.


Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Determined to WIN: Our values in order of priority

Create Remarkable Experiences for Our Customers, Partners and Teams

Drive Kick-Ass Innovation and Change

Open, Honest Communication

Empowered, Accountable and Respectful

Why LiveAction?

At LiveAction, your contributions are valued and noticed as well as we are supportive, inclusive and engaged.

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We work on interesting solutions at the forefront of big data and real-time analytics. Our team members enjoy competitive pay, great benefits, flexible time off and a healthy work environment that encourages innovation and change.

What’s Your Passion?

Learn industry-standard technologies while exploring the latest frameworks.

We’re not painting colorful pictures, our culture of collaboration and innovation are driven by real people, just like you.

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What Our Team Members Say …

“Innovative upper management, modern product based on customers’ needs, opportunity to lead a diverse team of excellent engineers”

Dhaivat Gandhi
Software Engineer II

LiveAction is a fun and engaging working environment. We are hardworking team members who strive to grow if you’re striving to achieve certain career goals.

Ramya Nadupalli
Technical Support Engineer II

“Fun, collaborative environment. Very closed culture, makes me truly feel that I belong.”

Mike Duong 
HR Specialist

“Cool and friendly coworkers. I like learning new things every day from coworkers and customers.”

Jelloul Bouamana
Sales Engineer

“I stay behind-the-scenes. Create, research and design!  Designing is my passion and I am in the right place. LiveAction gives me the opportunity to expand my vision and goals as far as I can imagine”

“Be Here Now”

Elizabeth Gwinner 
Senior Web Designer/Developer

We need motivated, intelligent people and if you’re up for the challenge, 

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