LiveAction Acquires Packet Monitoring Software Provider Savvius

LiveAction today said that it will acquire software provider Savvius, which provides packet-capture and analytics appliances and forensic software for network monitoring. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Savvius’ technology will be integrated with LiveAction’s monitoring platforms to give deeper insights. Savvius has three products: Omnipliance, a hardware appliance for packet capture and monitoring; Omnipeek, a standalone software for packet analysis; and Insight, which is a smaller version of Omnipliance.

According to Darren Kimura, vice chairman and chief strategy officer of LiveAction, “We now have complete east to west with north to south visibility.” Savvius will be added in branches that have no flow data or in data centers and servers where LiveAction does not have visibility. Savvius’ deep packet inspection technology reads the packet payload and decodes application identification and provider user attribution and diagnostics.

The acquisition negates the need for enterprises to have multiple tools to manage their network, said Kimura. “We can provide them complete coverage in our suite.”

The two companies have a history of working together. Savvius was previously known as WildPackets, and according to Kimura the two companies worked together for “many years.” Once the software-defined era began, “We realized we needed to augment our data streams with packet data and thus began collaborating with Savvius,” he said. “Over time, we decided to simply become one company which would drive better products, more useful workflows for our customers and have tremendous scale.”

Kimura also said the number of synergies between the two companies was surprising. These include international presence, which is something LiveAction is beginning to move into. Savvius had already begun establishing an international presence, but it had different areas of focus.

In December 2017, LiveAction acquired the service provider network monitoring technology of LivingObjects. This year, it released a network monitoring platform LiveSP, based on the technology from the LivingObjects acquisition. Read More…