LiveAction: Assembling the Elements of ‘Intent-Based Networking’

By Jason Bloomberg

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

The latest buzzword out of network circles is Intent-Based Networking (IBN). With IBN, the network responds to the business intent of the network administrator. Network management software must then translate this business-centric policy into individual technical policies that control the behavior of every device on the corporate network.

LiveAction is building technology that will eventually lead to such seamless IBN. Core to LiveAction’s offering: continuous network insight, service assurance and precise control of network components.

LiveAction has a close relationship with Cisco Systems, helping the customers of the network giant control and manage complex network deployments, which typically contain products from several vendors in addition to Cisco.

However, Cisco’s IBN efforts are still in the works, and thus practical IBN is still largely out of reach for its customers. As Cisco rolls out IBN, LiveAction will be able to bring IBN to enterprises with a mix of Cisco and non-Cisco gear.

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