Cisco Live 2019 San Diego (June 9-13, 2019) – What’s New!

We offer tremendous insight into our latest LiveNX solution, with live demonstrations and a full staff of experts ready to answer any questions you have regarding current challenges you’re facing in maintaining continuous insight, service assurance and precise control of your enterprise network environment and so much more.

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Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US Last Year

 LiveNX architecture and demonstration of SD-WAN use cases for Day 0 design, Day 1 verification and Day 2 scaling.

Learn about mental models, situational awareness, and how to monitor hybrid and SD-WAN networks

John Smith CTO was recently interviewed by Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers for an always-punchy, no-single-pane-of-glass-allowed conversation. They talked about lots of interesting changes going on in the network today. Here’s a sneak peek of what they’ll cover in this week’s podcast:

  • How to manage a multi-vendor, multi-fabric and multi-cloud network environments.
  • Gaining visibility into the hybrid WAN and SD-WAN: As we get more adoption across the global market, how can network pros understand the performance and service levels of the network as you mix MPLS and Internet transports?
  • Network Operations & The Human Element: More network data means more complexity and thus more load on already-stretched network engineers and operators. Here’s where the application of automation and machine learning can quell the “barking dog” and let the experts do expert-y kinds of things that make end users happy.

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The winner – Senthilkumar Sivalingam with Paul Kohler (Cisco)

The winner – Keith S. Reid with Jason Gooley (Cisco)

The winner – Abram Morman (LIDS) with Rob Barton (Cisco)

The winner – Eric Straw with Channel Partner, WWT 

The winner –Adam To (SAS Institute Inc.)
Thomas McKinnon’s presentation

The winner – Keith Weber (Valley Queen Cheese, Inc)
Pedro Leonardo’s presentation

The winner – Garth Sullivan (Equinox)
with Shawn Wargo (Cisco)

The winner – Nicholas Johns (US Air Forces)
with Andre Laurent (Cisco)

The winner – Gregory Bird (Cisco Systems)

The winner – Bojesha Negacaja
with Tim Szigeti (Cisco)

Cisco Live 2017 Guest Speakers

Not familiar with LiveAction LiveNX – hear what Cisco and other executives have to say about LiveAction’s importance to providing unmatched visibility and assurance to Cisco networking infrastructure and applications:

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