Gartner’s Network Cloud Monitoring Problem – Solved!

Darren Kimura Executive Chairman of LiveAction with technical collaboration from David Shefter, Chief Technology Officer of Ziften.

Gartner’s research note from May 2016 said: “Network Performance Monitoring Tools Leave Gaps in Cloud Monitoring“. The note went on to cite that across 200 client inquiries networks have been challenged to “provide holistic monitoring in a cloud or hybrid IT environment.

A year has gone by and the “lack of cloud monitoring problem” continues to grow as the pace of corporate workloads transitioning to the cloud is increasing and more networking technologies are virtualized.

To address this ever-evolving challenge, LiveAction worked with Ziften to develop a solution that brings end-to-end visibility via a network focused end-point agent technology. This agent can be deployed anywhere across a network or in the cloud where visibility is lacking such as laptops, servers, VMs, containers and NFV instances. Combined with the LiveNX network management platform our agent technologies bring complete end-to-end visibility everywhere across your network.

How it Works

New branches or refreshed sites get the latest and greatest routers and switches that export flow. In some cases, they also have Cisco-enhanced technologies licensed and operating like NBAR and AVC. But in the legacy sites, sites that were acquired thru acquisition, or perhaps sites whose futures are in question, decade-old routers and switches exist.

Across the entire network, LiveAction’s LiveNX is deployed covering router, switches, and firewalls but the network admin realizes the picture is not complete. Areas are seen across topologies where visibility just doesn’t exist and reporting is lacking.

Here we leverage LiveNX’s platform and install our network agent on any appropriate end devices, in VMs and containers. Network metadata is now sent back to LiveNX, which stores and analyzes the entire environment. Now, the administrator has unparalleled monitoring capability, seeing all devices and can actively monitoring the entire network.

Enhanced visibility brings intelligence to quickly diagnose issues and better yet with LiveAction’s network machine learning-based solution called LiveNX Insight, that admin can now identify potential future problems as well.

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July 28, 2017

Author: Darren Kimura, Executive Chairman