Complete Visibility with Cisco SD-WAN + LiveNX

The following videos demonstrate vManage and LiveNX working together to provide complete visibility of your enterprise branch, edge, aggregation, campus and end point monitoring.


LiveNX and vManage together provide comprehensive enterprise monitoring and management. John shares an overview of LiveNX value add in addition to vManage across multiple fabric environments.

Day 0: Planning

Day 0 planning is the start of the design process. With application performance data, engineers, architects and operations can baseline current state performance for policy design, bandwidth allocation and path routing.

Day 1: Validation

Day 1 is the day of truth when the proof of concept goes into production. Visual analytics display application, tunnel overlay and network performance for policy verification at scale.

Day 2: Operation

Day 2 is ongoing operations and optimization across the enterprise. With 3 click drill down from summary view to active troubleshooting, LiveNX provides the deep dashboards, reports, analytics and protocol drill down to proactively avoid issues but also react quickly when called on.

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Download and Experience LiveNX Today

For Cisco SE’s and product specialists, LiveNX is available for a one-year not-for-resale license use. Download your trial to gain hands-on experience with LiveAction’s network performance and analytics platform. It will help you accelerate customer opportunities in Day 0, 1, and 2 use cases for:

  • QoS assurance and control
  • Cisco SD-WAN (formerly Viptela)
  • Cisco IWAN
  • Cisco Meraki

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