Company and Product Overview

John K Smith, Founder, and CTO gave an overview of LiveAction and their network management solutions at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2018. He overviewed their platforms for enterprises and service providers, and how they provided advanced network monitoring, testing, and automation.

Cisco SD-WAN Deployment with LiveNX

LEARN HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY DEPLOY CISCO SD-WAN WITH LIVEACTION LIVENX In this short video, you can listen to John Smith (LiveAction CTO) share his thoughts on LiveNX capabilities when it comes to successfully rolling out an SD-WAN solution. LiveNX can help you plan, deploy and operate your SD-WAN network. These hands-on videos show you how to…

LiveNX Use Case: Network Security Monitoring

Detect, Isolate and Block Intruders Security Engineers receive proactive notification of anomalous behavior. Through Multiple Data Set (MDS) analysis, LiveNX real-time path maps, app groups and tunnel analysis across WAN, data center and campus fabrics provide the ability to detect, isolate and block malicious data.

Event-Driven Insights via Machine Learning

Event-Driven Insights via Machine Learning Human-in-the-loop capabilities enable LiveNX to augment the expert & automate routine tasks Proactively notify on meaningful change of application performance using anomaly detection Prevent end-user experience problems before they occur enhance security through behavioral analytics

Extended Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) Support with LiveNX

EXTENDED CISCO SD-WAN (VIPTELA) SUPPORT WITH LIVENX PERFORMANCE AND ANALYTICS Plan, build, operate your SD-WAN service successfully with LiveAction’s LiveNX network performance and analytics platform. LiveNX integrates with industry-leading SD-WAN providers to ensure key application performance is baselined and network QoS policies and configurations deliver the expected behavior.

Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) integration with LiveNX – Use Cases

Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) integration with LiveNX – Use Cases Integrate Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki) in your organization knowing that LiveNX has you covered. With added value performance monitoring for network and application visibility LiveNX delivers; capacity utilization by the service provider, site to site traffic types, class of service and application delay, and more. LiveNX delivers…