Mondi has Network Performance Management in the Bag

Mondi has Network Performance Management Mondi makes sustainable products consisting of natural fibers and produced with renewable resources. Some of these products include bags, boxes, and pouches that are found in millions of households and businesses across a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, construction, agriculture, food and beverages, and medical and pharmaceutical. For…

High-End Retail Improves Customer Experience Upgrading Wan Across 350 Locations

High-End Retail Improves Customer Experience Upgrading Wan Across 350 Locations CHALLENGE This chain of high-end department stores opened its first location in 1901. It is now an omnichannel retailer with 350 stores in North America and online customers in 96 countries. In an enterprise-wide initiative to create the best possible customer experience through continuous innovation,…

NetApp Reduces Costs 70% with LiveNX Deployment

NetApp partners with ePlus, Cisco, and LiveAction to take business to the next level. NetApp, a storage and data management company, was dealing with aging infrastructure that didn’t meet current and future needs. They wanted a solution that enabled them to develop new products, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Bank Holding Company Improves Network Management Ahead of Schedule

The organization needed additional network capacity to support the centrally-processed, high-bandwidth, web-based teller platform, a paperless initiative to centralize documentation, HD video and security. The centralized wireless network suffered from the trombone effect of running branch-office internet traffic through the data center and back, adding significant latency that affected transaction response times.

Live Events Company Resolves Streaming Video and Ticket Sales Performance Issues

As they grew operations, the company began to experience performance problems when tickets for an especially popular act went on sale. As they introduced real-time streaming video for live concert events, video and audio quality and reliability issues surfaced. It became apparent that the existing WAN infrastructure was no longer adequate to the task of supporting the always-on, always-connected generation. The network team initiated the search for a solution with the availability, performance, and resilience to keep up with their growth.