LiveAction Is the Go To Tool for Understanding Network Issues for Carnival Corporation



    This case study of Carnival Corporation is based on an August 2021 survey of LiveAction customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

    “In a VSAT environment where bandwidth costs are extremely high, understanding what is utilizing it is extremely critical as we want to ensure optimal guest experience for those that purchase an internet plan at sea. The UI is easy to navigate around and our VP of Technical Operations has taken an active role in using this tool for issues he is seeing. It’s the “go-to” tool for him and my team to get a solid understanding of issues and present report data on the guest experience.”


    The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select LiveAction:

    • End-to-end network and application performance visibility
    • Detailed, root-cause analysis with drill-down from flow to packet analysis

    Use Case

    The key features and functionalities of LiveAction that the surveyed company uses:

    Top purchasing drivers:

    • Enhanced visibility


    The surveyed company achieved the following results with LiveAction:

    Top benefits realized with LiveAction:

    • Improved productivity
    • Faster mean time to repair
    • Increased network visibility for better decisions
    • Ensured the network meets business objectives
    • Improved performance reporting and analysis
    • Saved 20 – 40% of their time with LiveAction solutions.
    • Realized a return on investment in 7-12 months.

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