Small Banking Company Improves Application Performance with LiveAction

The organization implemented LiveAction for complete network visibility and improved application performance, leading to improved decision-making to meet business objectives.

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    The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select LiveAction:

    • End-to-end network and application performance visibility
    • SD-WAN lifecycle monitoring
    • Real-time network topology mapping
    • Capacity planning

    Use Case

    Top purchasing drivers:

    • Tool consolidation
    • Enhanced visibility
    • Data center modernization


    Top benefits realized with LiveAction:

    • Faster mean time to repair
    • Increased network visibility for better decisions
    • Ensured the network meets business objectives
    • Improved performance reporting and analysis
    • Saved 20 – 40% of their time with LiveAction solutions.

    LiveAction increased the visibility of our application consumption, leading to improved performance of critical applications and bandwidth consumption.”

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    Small Banking Company Improves Application Performance with LiveAction

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    About LiveAction

    LiveAction’s solution suite provides unmatched network visibility and actionable intelligence for effective network management and troubleshooting. LiveAction customers have recognized up to 50% improvement in mean time to respond, 20X faster troubleshooting, 153% return on investment, and payback in 12 months. To learn more, visit


    This case study is based on an August 2021 survey of LiveAction customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

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