Real-Time Network Troubleshooting

Finding the cause for business-critical application issues is a mandate in the emerging digital economy. LiveSP allows enterprise customers to identify performance issues accurately and quickly, and Service Providers to respond immediately.


Flow Collection

Flow is a general term that references a class of network protocols that provide the collection and monitoring of network traffic. Flow data is collected from network infrastructure and aggregated through the LiveSP architecture to be analyzed and presented to network engineers and IT operations.


LiveSP alerts based on anomalous behavior using statistical methods and machine learning. Standard alerting uses set thresholds for voice, video, applications, bandwidth, etc. with user-directed levels.

Customizable Dashboard

Browse and drill down your network with real-time data, from area overview to application & site.

Application Performance Monitoring

LiveSP senses an application’s characteristics from flow or packet based protocols to visually present active behavior such as average delay, bandwidth utilized, and path route.

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