Out-of-Policy Network Alerts

Different enterprise customers have different priorities when it comes to network alerts. Pick from available templates, configure alert priorities that match enterprises’ different business needs, or let them configure their own.


Network Anomaly Detection

Network Anomaly detection — identifying events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or other items in a dataset—is one example of LiveSP use case.


Alerts and alarms are somewhat synonymous. The standard term is probably “alarm”. An alarm is generated from events and other data that match particular criteria with certain severity. The alert hits an on condition when triggered and actions such as email, visual notification or even control could be initiated. The alert may at some point turn off if the conditions based on criteria go away.

Policy Management

LiveSP provides many capabilities for managing QoS policies. It utilizes a rule-based engine that performs policy management based on the current state and configuration of the device and intelligently applies commands to resolve any conflicts or to warn of any conflicts.

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