Hybrid SD-WAN Topology Visualization

Protect enterprise customers’ investments in their existing WAN. Enable them to grow their network taking advantage of SD-WAN deployment. And manage it all from the same platform.


Network Visualization

LiveSP’s visualization technology simplifies network operations and troubleshooting. LiveSP utilizes visual toolsets to illustrate situational awareness principles mapped in the context of the current state of the network.
The LiveSP platform uses a graph-based, visual analytics capabilities for visual situational awareness with different levels of visualizations of flow information: Dashboard, System View and Reports.

Situational Awareness

Visual presentation of an understanding of the current state of the network mapped to a model a human can understand—including geography, topology, path, status of major apps/sites/users, physical/logical links, real-time and historical.

QoS Policies

LiveSP QoS can configure and monitor device QoS settings. Classes define how network traffic should be identified and classified, and which particular QoS actions should be applied to them. The classes themselves are defined as lists of packet-matching criteria. Packet matching can be done through various methods, including NBAR, NBAR2, ACL, and HTTP regular expressions, to name a few. Classes can also refer to other policies.

PFR Troubleshooting

Visualize where your traffic goes through and why paths have changed.

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