Endpoint, Component, and Link Monitoring

LiveNX with LiveAgent provides all-the-time visibility and control for client devices, servers, and cloud Virtual Machines (VMs). LiveAgent is an installable executable for Windows, Mac or Linux. LiveAgent has the task of collecting endpoint system information, forwarding to the LiveNX for integration for complete visibility, removing siloed endpoint tools.



LiveNX alerts based on anomalous behavior using statistical methods and machine learning. Standard alerting uses set thresholds for voice, video, applications, bandwidth, etc. with user-directed levels.

Continuous Endpoint Data Collection

LiveAgent provides continuous, rich data collection from every managed endpoint including systems, user behavior, network connectivity, application, binary, and process data.

Flow Collection

Flow is a general term that references a class of network protocols that provide the collection and monitoring of network traffic. Flow data is collected from network infrastructure, endpoint devices and virtual machines and aggregated through the LiveNX three-tier architecture to be analyzed and presented to network engineers and IT operations.

Virtual Machine (VM)

LiveAgent Flow provides last-mile visibility to improve existing NetFlow telemetry analytics.

  • Endpoint-based, extended NetFlow from the edge
  • Connect the dots: network to device to application to binary to user
  • Eliminate “east-west” data center, and public cloud blind spots

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