Our Triple Crown

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since I wrote my first blog comparing the prestigious Triple Crown horse races to the three phases of cloud adoption.

At the time I was working with a brilliant team creating one of the first public cloud offerings and competing with the likes of Rackspace, Terremark, and Savvis. We were creating a new market based on multitenant provisioning of virtualized services tapping into pooled compute resources and presented to the customers as a self-service offering.

It was a fun and exciting time, and everyone entered the fray thinking they had a chance to win…similar to the Kentucky Derby (the first race in the Triple Crown). The next phase was expected to be a sprint to acquire market share (i.e. the Preakness which is the 2nd race in the Triple Crown and the shortest race of the three).

Triple Crown

I predicted the third phase to be the long stretch of mass market adoption (a.k.a. the Belmont Stakes which is the longest of the three Triple Crown races…and arguably the most difficult to win). Little did I know at the time that in 2015 American Pharoah would be the first horse since Affirmed in 1978 to win the Triple Crown (#SteveCauthen). And how was I to suspect that Amazon would roll the entire IaaS market to dominate the cloud computing landscape?

I’m reflecting on that now as we face another potential Triple Crown winner with Justify seemingly unstoppable on his quest to achieve one of the rarest achievements in sports. We’ll find out this afternoon ~6:45 p.m. EST!

I’m also reflecting on my original premise as we are experiencing a similar technological transition in the staid space of network management (seriously!). Who would have thought that network management systems, traditionally built on Cobol or Fortran, would ever be relevant again? But suddenly we find ourselves trying to deal with an avalanche of network complexity driven by digital transformation, SaaS applications, hybrid cloud architectures, and the emergence of software-defined networks. Each fraught with overwhelming demands for traditional network architectures.

At LiveAction we’re defining a new generation of network management solutions architected for the demands of a software-defined world. This is our Kentucky Derby…the first phase when new entrants come to market with innovative solutions that may end up surprising the field and being draped with roses (The “Run for the Roses” is the nickname for the Kentucky Derby). This new generation of network management will be defined by visualization, ease of use, and efficiency to identify and resolve complex network challenges. That’s a completely new paradigm for the legacy network management market which Gartner estimates to be >$2B and growing at a healthy double-digit clip.

network management

The second phase, our Preakness, will be a sprint to displace legacy systems and accumulate share. This will be where the winners and losers are determined. The final phase, our Belmont Stakes, will be the long run of profitability for the three of four providers who navigate the path forward.

My company, LiveAction, expects to be the equivalent of Justify currently on the verge of winning the Triple Crown. Today we announced our acquisition of Savvius, a leading provider of package capture and analysis, to complement our market-leading NetFlow visualization capabilities and define the next-generation of network management. We’ve already won the Kentucky Derby (by definition as the only horse in the race) and we’re now sprinting ahead to take share and establish ourselves as the market leader. Our next challenge will be facing down emerging competitors by delivering the absolute best next-generation network management platform in the market.

This is a great time to be part of LiveAction and Savvius. You don’t often get to be in the hunt for the Triple Crown, yet we find ourselves on the verge of leading the market forward. I’m rooting for Justify to pull off the victory tomorrow in the Belmont Stakes, and I’m pulling for LiveAction and Savvius to do the same. Welcome to the party everyone.

Brooks Borcherding
Chief Executive Officer

June 9. 2018