LiveNX 5.3.1

Improve Network Visibility, Reduce Time-to-Resolution

LiveNX 5.3.1, the latest release in the LiveNX series, provides optimized visibility and reduces time-to-resolution through extensive topology and reporting enhancements. With improved WebUI reporting and WebUI topology, IT teams are empowered to quickly troubleshooting tasks, accelerate management and enhance network performance across your organization. Additional component deployment options are available.

Simplify IT Management with Advanced Reporting Capabilities

With the 5.3 release, users are able to schedule reports and automate their delivery. IT teams are able to improve report distribution and provide stakeholders with relevant network visibility and greater understanding of network performance activity.

Improved Topology View in WebUI

With the 5.3 release, LiveAction continues the process of migrating the rich visualization found in the Java Client over to the WebUI. In 5.3 we’ve enhanced the topology view to include LiveAction’s patented Flow visualization.

Gain a Full Flow Overlay On-site Topology View

network visibility

Additional Deployment Options

With each new release, we try to make it easier for our customer to deploy LiveNX. In 5.3, in order to save set-up time, the Node component is now available in the OVA format.

Component Deployment Options


-Available as a separate installer or part of the all-in-one OVA


-Available as a separate OVA or part of the all-in-one OVA


-Available as an installer or a separate OVA


-Installers available for MacOS, Win 32/64