Cisco Live 2016—An Experience to Remember

This past week, about 30 LiveAction team members flew to the lively city of Las Vegas to exhibit at Cisco Live. It was an exciting experience for all of us, from marketing, sales, product to engineering, who all strove to make this year’s Cisco Live the best one yet. We did justice to our #1 core company value, “Create remarkable experiences for our customers, partners, and teams” (see Darren Kimura’s blog), to learn more about our Mission-Vision-Values). We had a great time with everyone—whether it was through interactions at the demo stations, the registration desk, during guest speaker presentations, or raffles. Not to mention, witnessing how ecstatic people were to receive very cool and stylish LiveAction T-shirts.

So, now that the show is over, we’ve had some time to reflect on Cisco Live…and what better way to do so than to share perspectives from our own team members!


Another Great Cisco Live

“…Biggest booth we ever had, many attendees heard of us, Cisco endorsing us as the IWAN visualization tool which is giving us great exposure. We had a lot of existing customers drop by our booth to find out about our latest features. We had new customers that want to deploy IWAN and wanted a tool to help that process. We had some great speakers from Cisco speaking at our booth on various topics. Also got to present at the Ixia booth on our joint solution showing the power of Ixia’s IxFlow in combination with LiveAction flow visualization which was well received. This allows datacenter customers to leverage their existing Ixia infrastructure to gain visibility into the unique security related data sets exported through IxFlow which follows IETF IPFIX standards.”

John Smith, Executive Vice President and CTO



The Value of Cisco Live for Engineers

“Cisco Live is something any engineer would gain a lot from. Whether it be domain knowledge, discovering new API’s, or figuring out new ways to visualize data. There is so much knowledge to be gained. I know my synopsis on the event does not do it justice, and hopefully any engineer will have a chance to experience it for themselves in the future.”

Jonathon Loo, Software Developer





Improving Student Experience

“One network guy came by from a university. He was very interested in LiveUX because he really needed to improve the student experience from around the university campus. Students across the campus don’t bother opening up trouble tickets like an enterprise would do. Instead, they would tweet about it. So the network guys monitor Twitter in order to learn about the end-user experience. He thinks deploying LiveUX across the campus would help them learn about the student experience.”

Ulrica de Fort-Menares, VP of Product Strategy


 Jon Hashizume

Ahead of the Game

“It was good to attend the sessions to see where Cisco is going and to learn more about some of their features they have been working on and about their technologies in general. We were mentioned in a couple of the IWAN sessions as a tool that can be used to monitor the flows before and after IWAN is implemented and in a session on network troubleshooting. Prime does monitor an IWAN deployment, but its monitoring is largely restricted to that.”

Jon Hashizume, Software Engineer



The Fundamentals Haven’t Changed

“One item that caught my attention this year is that the fundamentals haven’t really changed. What I mean by this is, LiveAction began as a QoS/network performance management tool in ‘07. QoS is a fundamental set of technologies for successfully deploying any real-time application such as voice and video. It is how one can administratively control bandwidth utilization on the network, prioritizing or throttling traffic as required. Even with the SD-WAN revolution, where routing is now done based on application performance, the need for QoS is still very relevant. I had multiple sessions every day at Cisco Live with many engineers showing how QoS is still a core component to the network. LiveAction makes this difficult technology so easy to deploy and validate. It’s amazing how LiveAction is just as relevant today as the day it was released.”

Clark Zoeller, Sr. Systems Engineer

Look Out Cisco Live 2017…We’re Ready!

at Cisco Live

July 21, 2016