Empowering the Next Generation of Network Managers

Ask any network engineer and they’ll tell you that IT has never been more complex.

network engineerDigital transformation and innovations such as software-defined solutions, IoT, hybrid IT, big data, mobility, and others have made the network the centerpiece of every organization. Depending on how the network is managed, it can be an enabler or an inhibitor – creating new demands on the next generation of network managers.

When applications fail, video is jittery, or connections are inconsistent, the network bears the brunt of the blame. Yet the network might not always be the culprit. It could be the applications or devices on it. Without full visibility across applications and the infrastructure, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of the issue. These and other topics were discussed in our recent webinar, “Empowering the Next Generation of Network Managers.” It was presented by LiveAction co-founder and CTO John K. Smith and Scott Peerbolte, director of sales engineering and professional services at Corvil.

The webinar addressed the fact that today’s network managers are more than the keepers of the network. They are the custodians of the digital experience, enabling business, performing diagnostics, and tying together diverse infrastructures and service paths to ensure the service quality delivered to employees, customers and partners.

    As more network engineers and IT operations professionals are discovering, one way to address those challenges is to draw from the combined power of LiveAction and Corvil technologies. LiveAction simplifies the network for IT organizations to deliver continuous insight, service assurance and precise control over the network infrastructure. Corvil provides visibility and analytics for IT Ops and Security to deliver actionable operational intelligence to assure performance and security of users, applications, services, and business transactions. Together, LiveAction and Corvil improve user experiences through a complementary approach to network service assurance that delivers:

    • Expanded breadth and depth of visibility across the enterprise network
    • Faster detection and more comprehensive diagnosis of performance issues and cyber threats
    • Application flow and transaction content
    • Integrated contextual workflows to reduce operational overhead

    Along with providing deeper insight into those critical areas of network performance management, visibility and assurance, the webinar provides tips on how to adopt a “You Can’t Hide Policy” toward network security, why a best-of-breed approach is a right choice for network performance management and assurance, and how to make the most of IT network resources.

    The webinar was capped with real-world use cases spanning VoIP, WAN, and security analysis to boost application response time and performance, identify and troubleshoot recurring issues at branches, and deliver proactive security alerts to address issues before they impact the business.

    If you’re a next-generation network engineer, you’ll want to replay the webinar and arm yourself with critical information on supporting and driving your company’s digital transformation through the network.

    Optimize Digital Experience Across The Network