A Technical Webinar with Cisco’s Bob Nusbaum and LiveAction’s Clark Zoeller

Recorded on May 31, 2013

Bob Nusbaum
Sr. Product Manager
Cisco Systems

Clark Zoeller
CCIE #13760
Network Management Expert

Webinar Recording

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Topics Covered in this Session

The new Cisco ISR-AX and LiveAction Software with Flow visualization improves application performance for users located anywhere, on any device, to maximize employee productivity. Based on Cisco AVC and WAAS, this solution:

  • Delivers business applications faster
  • Reduces bandwidth costs and latency
  • Helps securely connect users to apps

We will also discuss how users can leverage LiveAction software—the first Cisco certified AVC compatibility network management tool—to enable AVC capabilities and perform active responses to application level flows. The demo will emphasize key LiveAction-AVC features such as:

  • Monitoring application performance
  • Reporting application response time metrics
  • End-to-end view of network performance

About the Presenter

Bob Nusbaum is the Sr. Product Manager for the Application Visibility and Control solution in Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group. He joined last year from Cisco’s Storage Area Group where he handled inbound and outbound marketing for fiber channel and FTOE switching products.

Clark Zoeller is LiveAction’s resident CCIE, with 15 years of network engineering and consulting experience. Clark is a veteran Enterprise Unified Communications engineer specializing in voice and video deployment, and possesses a deep knowledge and experience with QoS technologies.

Technical Resources

The following are links to resources for Cisco Application Visibility and Control.

  • Cisco Cloud Connected Solution—HTML
  • Cisco Application Visibility and Control—HTML
  • AVC Installation and Deployment Guide on ASR1K—HTML
  • AVC Installation and Deployment Guide on ISR G2 Using Performance Agent—HTML
  • Performance Routing—HTML