A Technical Webinar with Kathleen Nguyen and Keith Parsons

Recorded on March 28, 2014

Keith Parsons
Network Management Expert

Kathleen Nguyen
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Webinar Recording

Webinar Summary

This webinar will comprise of two parts: a conceptual overview of the IWAN solution components, its advantages and features, as well as a technical demonstration of the LiveAction IWAN management solution. Here is what will be covered in this webinar:

  • PfR Path Control Visualization and Reporting
  • AVC Visualization, Reporting, and Configuration
  • QoS Monitoring and Configuration
  • ASA NSEL and ASR1K HSL Event Logging and Alerting
  • Network Health & Status

Meet the Presenters

Kathleen Nguyen is a Product Marketing Senior Manager at LiveAction and has more than 25 years of experience in customer interactions and productizing highly successful offerings for enterprise, consumer, and service provider environments.

Keith Parsons is LiveAction’s resident NetFlow expert, with 35+ years of network management experience. Keith is an industry innovator in designing network monitoring tools such as the Sniffer Network Analyzer, and possesses practical expertise in network troubleshooting.