A Technical Webinar with Clark Zoeller

Recorded on June 14, 2013

Clark Zoeller
CCIE #13760
Network Management Expert

Webinar Recording

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This LiveAction webinar session covers the following topics:

  • Creating, editing, applying QoS polices for Cisco routers and switches
  • Enabling in-depth, real-time, historical QoS traffic analysis
  • QoS alert triggering and reporting
  • End-to-end visibility using our unique Flow Visualization
  • Traffic analysis before- and after- QoS is applied
  • Cisco AVC and Medianet

About the Presenter

Clark Zoeller is ActionPacked Networks’ resident CCIE, with 15 years of network engineering and consulting experience. Clark is a veteran Enterprise Unified Communications engineer specializing in voice and video deployment, and possesses a deep knowledge and experience with QoS technologies.

Technical Resources

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  • LiveAction Software Overview—Link