A Technical Webinar with Cisco’s Tim Szigeti

Recorded Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tim Szigeti, CCIE #9794
Cisco Press Author and Cisco Senior Technical Leader

Webinar Recording

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Topics Covered in this Presentation

In this session, Tim discusses the driving factors necessitating QoS network design updates, including new applications and business requirements, new industry guidance and best practices, and new platforms and technologies.

He will present Cisco’s QoS strategy for Medianet and will also cover campus- and WAN/VPN-specific design considerations. In addition, platform-specific designs for classification, policing and ingress & egress queuing policies will be detailed for the following devices:

  • Cisco Catalyst 2960 G/S & 3560/3750 G/E/X series switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 4500-E (Supervisor 6-E / 7-E) series switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500-E series switches
  • Cisco ISR and ASR routers.

About the Presenter

Tim Szigeti, CCIE #9794, is a Senior Technical Leader in the Strategic Architecture and Strategy Unit at Cisco Systems. His role is to design network architectures for the next wave of medianet applications, including TelePresence, IP video surveillance, digital media systems and desktop video. He has also specialized in Quality of Service technologies for over a decade, during which he has authored many technical papers, as well as the Cisco Press Books: End-to-End QoS Network Design and Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals.

Technical Resources

The following are links to resources found in Tim Szigeti's presentation on QoS for Medianet—Simplified.

  • Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology, 2010-2015—HTML
  • Medianet QoS Design Strategy—PDF
  • Medianet Campus QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet Catalyst 3560/3750 Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet Catalyst 4500E QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet Catalyst 6500 QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet WAN/VPN QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet AST 1000 QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet ISR G2 QoS Design At-A-Glance—HTML
  • Medianet AutoQoS At-A-Glance—PDF

Medianet QoS Design 4.0 SRND Chapters—Comprehensive Design References

  • Enterprise Medianet Quality of Service Design 4.0—HTML
  • Medianet Campus QoS Design 4.0—HTML
  • Medianet WAN QoS Design 4.0—HTML