A Technical Webinar with Keith Parsons

Recorded on December 19, 2012

Keith Parsons
Network Management Expert

Webinar Recording

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Topics Covered in this Session

Industry expert, Keith Parsons, will instruct you on how to use the LiveAction IT management software. This 30-minute session covers:

  • Visualizing Spanning Tree to simplifying troubleshooting
  • Seeing and analyzing traffic before and after QoS is applied
  • Creating, modifying, and loading QoS policies using our powerful editing tool
  • Setting-up and running performance tests using synthetic traffic
  • Monitoring traffic flows from end-to-end across your network
  • View your Layer 2 trunk interfaces, port channels, and VLAN associations
  • Viewing and tracing your routes and implement policy-based routing

About the Presenter

Keith Parsons is LiveAction’s resident NetFlow expert, with 35+ years of network management experience. Keith is an industry innovator in designing network monitoring tools such as the Sniffer Network Analyzer, and possesses practical expertise in network troubleshooting.

Technical Resources

Explore the following resources to learn more about LiveAction.

  • Download the latest revision of LiveAction—DOWNLOAD
  • Test drive LiveAction; installation not required—TEST DRIVE