A Technical Webinar with LiveAction’s Keith Parsons

Recorded on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keith Parsons
Network Management Expert

Webinar Recording

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Topics Covered in this Session

Using the new LiveAction 2.5 software, this session focuses on the latest in best practices to accelerate deployment of rich-media applications on today’s networks. In this action-packed 30-minute session, industry expert, Keith Parsons covers:

  • Proactive monitoring and true end-to-end application management using the new IOS-based Cisco Application Visibility and Control
  • Identifying and resolving voice and video issues using our revolutionary Mediatrace analysis coupled with QoS policy control
  • Analyzing network traffic using Flexible NetFlow and NBAR2
  • Traffic analysis for enhancing network performance and security

About the Presenter

Keith Parsons is LiveAction’s resident NetFlow expert, with 35+ years of network management experience. Keith is an industry innovator in designing network monitoring tools such as the Sniffer Network Analyzer, and possesses practical expertise in network troubleshooting.

Technical Resources

Explore the following resources to learn more about LiveAction.

  • Download the latest revision of LiveAction—DOWNLOAD
  • Test drive LiveAction; installation not required—TEST DRIVE