LiveAction in Retail


LiveAction Enables Secure, Faster, Reliable Network Connectivity and Availability

LiveAction Customers Are Saying…

“LiveAction gives me the ability to visualize traffic from a QoS perspective.”

Network Management Challenges

  • Troubleshooting, analyzing, fixing network issues quickly and efficiently
  • Analyzing network trends and patterns across historical data
  • Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) configurations meet the business needs of our company
  • Understaffed IT departments to support the growing demands of networks due to market globalization
  • Utilizing QoS to prioritize mission-critical applications
  • Handling large quantities of data along with a variety of routes and destinations

LiveAction Use Case Scenario

  • Features of LiveAction most frequently utilized to address network challenges:
    • QoS Monitoring
    • NetFlow monitoring
    • IP SLA testing
  • Monitoring and managing business critical applications

LiveAction Results: Business and IT Advantages

  • See what is happening across the network in real-time any time
  • Maximize effectiveness and minimize risks of working with QoS
  • Achieve flow visualization to identify bottlenecks and causes of network issues
  • Respond quickly to adjust problems before network interruptions occur
  • Reduce system downtime with proactive detection on issues via LiveAction real-time graphical dashboard
  • Improve operational efficiency and organizational intelligence
  • Increase network efficiency, allowing users to allocate their time and resources elsewhere
  • Discover and study different types of traffic history on the network