LiveAction in Healthcare


LiveAction Provides Secure, Fast, Reliable Network Connectivity Across Healthcare Facilities

LiveAction Customers Are Saying…

“With LiveAction, I’m able to monitor QoS issues and make changes without extensive QoS configuration experience”

“Having a tool that can simplify our QoS and WAN operations frees us to devote time to security and other critical issues.”

“LiveAction meets the needs I have as it is brilliant.”

Network Management Challenges

  • Lack of experienced personnel to overcome IT’s increasing complexity resulting from greater use of electronic medical records, wireless medical devices, personal mobile technology
  • Capacity and quality demands on the network resulting from the increase of transaction and data exchanges within the infrastructure
  • Managing network performance utilizing QoS to prioritize critical operational applications
  • Maintaining high availability and responsiveness of critical, lifesaving applications

LiveAction Use Case Scenario

  • Measure and compare network activity to identify anomalous behavior indicating an issue or breach
  • Troubleshoot DICOM medical imaging applications such as OsirX, MicroDicom, RadAnt
  • Reporting QoS project took 2 days to implement, 2-3 weeks to fine tune and adjust
  • Monitor and manage Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video, operation critical applications

LiveAction Results: Business and IT Advantages

  • Track individual user and application traffic patterns
  • See in real-time what is happening across your network at any time
  • Monitor, measure, and configure QoS problems simply and easily
  • Identify potential problems quickly through the graphical dashboard for fast problem resolutions
  • Increase network efficiency to enable you to allocate your time performing deployments, upgrades, etc.
  • Reduce network downtime and degradation for operational and customer care applications and services