LiveAction in Financial Services


LiveAction Enables Secure, Faster, Reliable Network Connectivity and Availability

LiveAction Customers Are Saying…

“LiveAction gave us real-time monitoring of user traffic classification and the ease of configuring policies.”

“The visualization of router interfaces, their traffic flows, and the ability to dig deep down is a major benefit in using LiveAction.”

“LiveAction makes accessing and viewing large amounts of network information very easy.”

Network Management Challenges

  • Maintaining secure, fast, reliable IT network connectivity across remote offices
  • Ensuring network availability and network priority to voice and mission-critical applications
  • Needing greater network visibility into application traffic to efficiently update and implement QoS policies
  • Experiencing complex and time-consuming set up of QoS command lines
  • Improving daily productivity and operations through quick, efficient means of understanding network data

LiveAction Use Case Scenario

  • LiveAction frequent use ranges daily to weekly
  • Features most frequently used: QoS monitoring and configuration, netflow monitoring, routing
  • Monitor and manage collaboration, unified communications, Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Oversee and control business critical applications, network security

LiveAction Results: Business and IT Advantages

  • Gain real-time visual intelligence on application and network performance
  • See and measure before and after results of QoS on the network
  • Maximize effectiveness, minimize risks utilizing LiveAction QoS policy editing, provisioning function
  • Discover errant routing paths previously unaware of using LiveActin routing analysis capability
  • Improve network troubleshooting utilizing LiveAction Flow visualization
  • Increase network efficiency enabling you to allocate your time elsewhere when needed