LiveAction in Energy & Utility


LiveAction Helps Energy and Utility Companies Improve Network Monitoring, Configuration, and Troubleshooting to Save Time and Money

Network Management Challenges

  • Limiting network traffic to include only mission-critical data to remote facility locations
  • Ensuring protection and effective network management of application bandwidth through QoS
  • Having visibility across geographically dispersed networks to maintain application and services
  • Monitoring path changes on redundant networks

LiveAction Use Case Scenario

  • Utilize QoS to include mission-critical data where high-speed data connectivity is unavailable
  • Protect and manage application bandwidth such as network-wide VoIP and Video with QoS
  • Monitor network conditions along the pipeline
  • Analyze SCADA systems and leverage NetFlow to baseline normal network activity
  • Identify quickly abnormal behavior signifying a network or security issues in SCADA systems
  • Monitor and manage: collaboration, unified communications Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Oversee and control: video teleconferencing, business critical applications, network security

LiveAction Results: Business and IT Advantages

  • Visually monitor the DSCP markings of flow providing the effects of real-time QoS changes
  • Identify bottleneck or cause of network issues
  • Create QoS policies with confidence, eliminating potential human errors of using CLI
  • Produce the most efficient network delivery by identifying optimal frequency for deployment
  • Discover and study different types of network traffic history
  • Study the effectiveness of real world QoS functionality utilizing historical flow capabilities
  • Ensure mission-critical data continues to flow unscathed under peak bandwidth conditions
  • Respond quickly and adjust problems before network interruptions through flow visualization