LiveAction in Education


LiveAction Enables Secure, Faster, More Reliable Network Connectivity and Availability

LiveAction Customers Are Saying…

“LiveAction is extremely helpful in investigations. I find the ability to playback flows of great help when troubleshooting and tracing issues.”

“I’m extremely pleased with what LiveAction offers, and am continuing to discover its benefits.”

Network Management Challenges

  • Understaffed IT departments juggle multiple projects, sacrificing network maintenance and upkeep
  • Deploying cohesive enterprise-wide QoS implementation
  • Controlling recreational applications to prioritize learning applications
  • Establishing a reliable network infrastructure to meet the demands of BYOD environments
  • Troubleshooting, analyzing, and fixing IT issues quickly to eliminate network downtime and degradation
  • Gaining visibility and control network bandwidth usage in the network
  • Ensuring that Common Core testing application traffic is protected from student Internet traffic

LiveAction Use Case Scenario

  • LiveAction frequent use ranges daily to weekly
  • Features most frequently used: QoS monitoring and configuration, netflow monitoring, routing
  • Monitor and manage collaboration, unified communications, Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Oversee and control business critical applications, network security

LiveAction Results: Business and IT Advantages

  • Ensure applications continuously work, while guaranteeing critical applications have bandwidth
  • Prioritize bandwidth policies based upon users and groups of users
  • Plan for bandwidth capacity and control with improved network visibility
  • Troubleshoot the network in real-time with confidence and increased efficiency
  • Debug, monitor, manage real-time traffic with LiveAction QoS real-time and historical views