What is the Cost of Another Poor Quality VoIP Call?

VoIP Troubleshooting

Businesses continue to see increased employee productivity and customer engagement with the adoption of  Skype, Jabber, Slack, VoIP, and Video. At the same time, communication technology downtime costs North American organizations $700 billion per year.

LiveAction’s visual analytics platform significantly improves
mean-time-to-resolution of voice and video issues.

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Troubleshooting and Debugging VoIP Calls with LiveNX

Remove the Guesswork from VoIP Troubleshooting

For VoIP troubleshooting, 90% of your time is typically spent on just finding the problem. LiveNX’s topology interface with flow overlays improves locating VoIP issues by at least 20%.

  • Quickly apply filters to see a specific call path flow from one end to the other
  • Easily identify interface drops, class drops, queue drops, and congestion
  • View DSCP settings hop-by-hop

See How QoS Policies Impact Voice Traffic at Each Interface

A rich, visual interface highlights network trouble spots by color. QoS Class Names highlighted in amber indicate a policy that is causing packet drops.

  • Color coding of interfaces, class names, and flows highlight potential causes of jitter and latency
  • Quickly drill down to a specific policy to see it’s impact on network traffic
  • View historical flow data as well to determine policy impact over time

Implement Policy Changes Directly in the Interface Without Switching to CLI

Make immediate changes to QoS polices that are causing packet loss.

  • Validate QoS Policy changes by viewing before and after reports
  • Utilize a library of best-practice policy templates
  • Validate the generated CLI commands before committing to devices

Leverage Your Cisco Investment

Perform Detailed Analysis of VoIP and Video Quality with Performance Monitoring (Medianet)

Detailed Flow Analysis accelerates
troubleshooting of Voice & Video
performance issues

View performance monitoring,
jitter information

Understand the impact video traffic
has on your
network infrastructure

Improve IT Staff Effectiveness

Simplify network operations to maximize performance of all IT resources


20% faster identification and isolation
of network issues


5x faster QoS policy configuration
and deployment


100% increase in
IT productivity

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