LiveUX – User Experience Monitoring

LiveUX monitors end user-experience of web applications deployed in any cloud over any network, from the traditional network to the state-of-the-art SDN network. You can gain insight into the availability and performance for any web-based application anywhere to address issues before they impact users. Correlating end-user experience and network information through integration with LiveNX Application-aware Network Performance Monitoring accelerates problem resolution and significantly simplifies your application performance monitoring challenges.

LiveUX - End User Experience Monitoring

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What’s included in LiveUX SaaS:

  • 3 private agents
  • 3 global agents
  • Test 5 services per agent, at a maximum rate of 5 minute intervals
  • 24 hours of data retention
  • Software Only
Global Performance Monitoring

24X7 Active Monitoring

  • Deploy software-based agents in your network to establish network and application performance baseline.
  • Run tests every minute to every hour to ensure continuous availability of critical applications.
  • Ensure that your application performance is consistent and meeting application-specific SLA in near real time or historically.

Global Performance Monitoring

  • Use Global agents to ensure your application is performing well from any geographical locations outside of the enterprise.
  • Easily narrow down on problem areas with the help of waterfall charts.
  • Learn normal application performance behavior and detect performance anomalies with dynamic baselines.

Correlate Application and Network Performance

  • Compare performance against your application-specific SLAs to gain insight into how network performance impacts your application performance.
  • Discover and map the network path and application flows spanning multiple administrative boundaries including the public network.
  • Integrate with LiveNX for Network Experience for expanded visibility of your enterprise network including layer 2 and wireless networks.

Isolate and Rapidly Resolve Problems

  • Bring together key network and application data points to provide single source of information for collaborative troubleshooting across multiple teams.
  • Combine application and network performance metrics to quickly identify who owns the resolution to the problems.
  • Correlate end user-experience with network usage information to rightsize the network or identify improvements.