Application-Aware Network Performance Management with Quality of Service Control

The fast, simple, and cost-effective way to monitor and manage application and network performance for today’s enterprise IT environments.

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A Complete Solution for Managing Network Performance in Complex Environments

With LiveNX, the network can finally be managed under a single pane of glass.  We leverage advanced technologies in routers, switches and firewalls to produce rich, intuitive, visual and real-time representations of the network so IT teams can quickly resolve business-critical performance issues in their WAN or LAN.

In addition, LiveNX is the recommended platform for SD-WAN systems providing application visibility and assurance.

  • Voice and Video Optimization

    • Identify, analyze, troubleshoot and mitigate underlying performance issues
    • Fast issue resolution over traditional CLI troubleshooting
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  • QoS Configuration

    • Quick and accurate control of application and network performance
    • Robust graphical QoS editor enables complex and dynamic QoS configurations
    • Identify and correct mis-configurations
    • Built-in Cisco best practices
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  • Application Performance and Troubleshooting

    • Real-time end-to-end network topology and device flow views and flow analytics
    • Graphical reporting of QoS, AVC, Medianet, PerfMon, PfR, and IP SLA
    • In-depth visibility and root-cause analysis into WAN policies, traffic patterns and behaviors
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  • WAN Bandwidth Management

    • Use end-to-end traffic visualization, at-a-glance custom dashboards, and detailed reporting of WAN and site-based performance
    • Identify which applications/users consume the most bandwidth
    • Manage traffic over multiple carriers
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  • Capacity Planning and Performance Baselining

    • Leverage QoS and NetFlow for capacity baselining
    • System dashboards, QoS/flow-based reports
    • Ease Cisco IOS IP SLA for baselining network performance, testing policy changes, and planning capacity for new services
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  • Cybersecurity

    • Real-time traffic visibility and control
    • Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic
    • Remediate malicious traffic on the network
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Faster, Simpler Network Performance Management

LiveAction customers achieve results that impact the organization, and the bottom line

Faster problem diagnosis
Cost savings
Faster QoS deployments
Productivity improvement