Application-Aware Network Performance Management with Cisco QoS Control

The fast, simple, and cost-effective way to monitor and manage application and network performance for today’s enterprise IT environments.

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A Complete Solution for Managing Network Performance in Complex Environments

With LiveNX, network managers are able to quickly and effectively solve today’s real network management challenges, specifically in the area of application performance. Leveraging Cisco advanced technologies such as QoS, NetFlow, FnF, NBAR2, AVC, Performance Monitoring, PfR, IP SLA, Routing, and LAN Switching, LiveNX’s rich, intuitive and visual interface enables IT teams to quickly resolve business-critical performance issues in their WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless connections, and video, VoIP, and BYOD devices.

In addition, LiveNX is the Cisco Intelligent WAN management platform providing visualization of PfR path changes across the network topology, Out-of-Policy (OOP) reasons triggering PfR route changes, and the resulting application traffic associated with those PfR route changes.

  • Voice and Video Optimization

    • Identify, analyze, troubleshoot and mitigate underlying performance issues
    • Fast issue resolution over traditional CLI troubleshooting
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  • QoS Configuration

    • Quick and accurate control of application and network performance
    • Robust graphical QoS editor enables complex and dynamic QoS configurations
    • Identify and correct mis-configurations
    • Built-in Cisco best practices
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  • Application Performance and Troubleshooting

    • Real-time end-to-end network topology and device flow views and flow analytics
    • Graphical reporting of QoS, AVC, Medianet, PerfMon, PfR, and IP SLA
    • In-depth visibility and root-cause analysis into WAN policies, traffic patterns and behaviors
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  • WAN Bandwidth Management

    • Use end-to-end traffic visualization, at-a-glance custom dashboards, and detailed reporting of WAN and site-based performance
    • Identify which applications/users consume the most bandwidth
    • Manage traffic over multiple carriers
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  • Capacity Planning and Performance Baselining

    • Leverage QoS and NetFlow for capacity baselining
    • System dashboards, QoS/flow-based reports
    • Ease Cisco IOS IP SLA for baselining network performance, testing policy changes, and planning capacity for new services
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  • Cybersecurity

    • Real-time traffic visibility and control
    • Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic
    • Remediate malicious traffic on the network
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Faster, Simpler Network Performance Management

LiveAction customers achieve results that impact the organization, and the bottom line

Faster problem diagnosis
Cost savings
Faster QoS deployments
Productivity improvement