Unsurpassed Network Situation Awareness to Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic

Strike the delicate balance between strong security and convenient user access and be able to identify and mitigate security threats quickly and efficiently.

LiveNX Data Sheet 14-Day Trial Test Drive

Setup Access Control List

Achieve the Visibility Necessary to Protect Your Network

  • Real-time traffic visibility and control

    Fully interactive system topology (multiple devices), device, and interface level views with GEO IP, NSEL, and AVC

  • Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic

    Detect, identify and block offenders

  • Network forensics visualization, analysis and test report documentation

    Efficient storage, playback and analysis of all flow at 1M flow/second without aggregation

  • Remediate malicious traffic on the network

    Easy to use graphical editors to reroute suspicious traffic to a sensor using PBR, block/drop suspicious traffic using ACL, and mitigate/minimize suspicious traffic using QoS configuration

LiveNX Maximizes Your Network Investment by Leveraging Technologies in Routers, Switches and Firewalls

Flow dashboards indicate the top countries, applications, addresses and interfaces and allows for quick drill down

Manage ACLs on the fly within the LiveAction GUI