Application Performance and Troubleshooting

Quickly Pinpoint Root Causes of Application Performance Problems

LiveNX’s ability to leverage the high-quality network visibility provided in Routers, Switches and Firewalls enables administrators to actively respond to monitored traffic classes and flows, achieve effective root cause analysis with guided workflows and gain in-depth visibility of application-level performance.

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AVC with LiveNX

Improve Application Performance for Better End-user Experience

  • Faster Application Troubleshooting

    • Dashboards, site-based performance, 360-degree report view, and alert drilldown provide intelligent correlation of multiple various indicators to pinpoint root causes
    • Intelligent representation of CBQoS and full historical playback to identify application traffic pattern changes and bandwidth contention, leading to quicker and more accurate problem determination
    • Visual representation of Performance Monitoring indicating performance issues via color-coded status allows customers to see where the problem occurs
  • Increased Productivity

    • Deep understanding of application traffic with end-to-end flow visibility
    • Application-aware QoS control with policy real-time views and reports
  • Improved Application Performance

    • Network and application response time visibility via NBAR2 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
    • Full NBAR2 QoS control enables easy mitigation of performance issues

LiveNX Features for Application Performance Monitoring

  • Text-based filter and search enables targeted problem determination
  • Alert dashboards allow focused and early detection of problems
  • Workflow drilldown from alerts to applicable flows for quicker root cause analysis
  • Correlation of AVC metrics to easily pin point network or application issues
  • Performance Monitoring
    hop-by-hop and Performance Monitoring Flow Analysis provide faster determination of problem location
  • Highly intelligent reporting of class-based quality of service (CBQoS) performance data provides insight to traffic pattern changes and anomalies
  • Solve application performance problems with point-and-click editing and applying of QoS policies