LiveAction Overview

Watch Dr. NetFlow demonstrate LiveAction’s main features.

Application-aware Network Performance Management and QoS Control for Your Next-Generation Cisco Network

Optimize your business application delivery and accelerate troubleshooting and resolution of performance issues with LiveAction. An industry-leading application-aware network performance management software, LiveAction allows you to control your complex enterprise network by:

  • Deploying and enabling Cisco advanced technologies
  • Monitoring and analyzing traffic
  • Troubleshooting network and application problems
  • Resolving issues by leveraging Cisco advanced technologies such as QoS, LAN Switching, Routing, NetFlow, FnF, NBAR2, Medianet, AVC, PfR, and IP SLA

LiveAction provides scalability, dashboard and site-based reporting, enhanced filter and search, 360-degree report view, and highly correlated workflows to quickly resolve business critical performance issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless, video, VoIP, surveillance cameras, and BYOD devices.

In addition, LiveAction is the Cisco Intelligent WAN management platform providing visualization of PfR path changes across the network topology, Out-of-Policy (OOP) reasons triggering PfR route changes, and the resulting application traffic associated with those PfR route changes.

LiveAction Technology Modules

LiveAction provides rich visualizations of the network topology plus in-depth views of individual devices, interfaces, flows and routes

LiveAction QoS Monitor LiveAction QoS Configure LiveAction Flow LiveAction IP SLA LiveAction LAN LiveAction Routing

LiveAction Key Functionalities

  • Visual Awareness and Monitoring: Literally see and trace traffic flows end-to-end across the network in real-time or via the playback feature
  • Text-based Filter and Search: Quickly find specific information with an easy keyword search approach across hundreds of reports and millions of flow records
  • 360-degree Report View: New smart ‘slice and dice’ feature enables greater reporting flexibility with a 360-degree report view
  • Alert Drilldown: Well-defined workflows to drill down from alerts to applicable flows to pinpoint who is having the issue and what the issue is
  • Site-Based WAN Application Performance: Quickly pinpoint site related performance issues by defining/reporting sites with characteristics such as WAN interfaces, bandwidth, and service provider connections
  • SaaS and Cloud Application Visibility: Identify which applications are using network bandwidth and understand application performance with AVC metrics and color coded status across merged WAN clouds for faster troubleshooting
  • Video and VoIP Control: Troubleshoot and fix video and voice performance quickly and accurately through dashboard views and workflow drill down, correlation of congestion points to QoS policies, and on-the-fly QoS policy adjustments
  • Flexible NetFlow (FNF) Configuration: Quickly enable FNF configurations of Cisco advanced technologies across discovered devices with simple GUI-based selection and verification of capabilities
  • QoS Control: Create and edit QoS policies using a graphical policy editor built around Cisco best practices and gain immediate feedback to QoS changes through real-time traffic visualization
  • Converged Wired and Wireless Flow Analysis and Control: Visualize wired and wireless flows from converged wired and wireless Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switch controller to understand application bandwidth usage across access points and SSIDs.
  • BYOD Monitoring: Visualize application traffic from BYOD devices and understand application and network behaviors. Provide wireless user identity information so network administrators can better manage BYOD policy control when the Cisco wireless controller is integrated with Cisco ISE (Identity Service Engine)
  • Configuration Audit Trail: Provide an audit trail of who makes what device configuration changes and when
  • CyberSecurity: Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic. Remediate malicious traffic on the network