Solution Benefits

LiveAction Improves Network Availability While Significantly Reducing Time for Provisioning, Troubleshooting, and Auditing QoS

LiveAction network performance management software helps enterprises and organizations realize higher levels of network quality and the corresponding costs savings and increases in productivity that come with it.

Although there are many factors that can improve the ROI of the network infrastructure, the following four factors represent significant opportunities that can be quickly achieved using LiveAction software.

Minimizing WAN Bandwidth Costs

LiveAction provides a complete management solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and provisioning Cisco QoS to ensure that your bandwidth is properly allocated to support your business needs and that service levels are actually where you expect them to be.

Next to the cost of IT staffing, the cost of WAN connectivity is actually the second highest IT expense for many enterprises. More bandwidth is needed than ever before to support the growth of new applications and services as well as latency-sensitive voice and video traffic. Adding more bandwidth is very costly especially when multiplied by the number of WAN links to remote sites. Without proper quality of service (QoS) management, much of the added bandwidth will eventually be overtaken by low priority and scavenger traffic at the expense of voice, video, and other mission-critical applications.

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Reducing Downtime and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

LiveAction enables you to quickly detect problems and immediately take corrective action before your users and systems are impacted. It provides real-time and historical traffic flow, QoS and routing views. And, its ability to drill-down and isolate problems  decrease the MTTR and reduce the financial impact to the enterprise.

Due to the fact that operations such as manufacturing and financial transactions depend on a high-availability network, the direct costs of an outage can easily number into thousands of dollars per hour. The indirect costs from lower employee productivity can also result in severe economic impacts.

According to reports by Infonetics Research, large organizations lose on average approximately 3.6 percent of annual revenues to network downtime with mid-size organizations losing about 1 percent.  These losses come in the form of decreased employee productivity, damaged customer and partner relationships, and direct revenue losses due to lost orders or contractual penalties.

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Maximizing Utilization of Existing Network Devices

LiveAction provides a highly interactive graphical interface for Cisco devices that makes embedded features instantly accessible and very easy to use and understand without the need to learn the command line interface (CLI) or to purchase third-party hardware.

Considering that WAN optimization hardware for just one site may cost approximately $7,000 with an additional $2,000 per site for annual maintenance and support, LiveAction can quickly pay for itself with upfront and annual savings, not to mention better network performance and reliability.

Enterprises often purchase additional hardware devices such as WAN optimizers to improve network visibility or to implement QoS. This leads to added upfront capital costs as well as new recurring operational costs in the form of increased power, heat, rack space and maintenance.

What many enterprises do not realize is that many of these same capabilities and more are already included with the Cisco network routers and switches that they already own. Other enterprises may be aware that these capabilities exist, but they do not have the expertise or staff to unlock these features due to the complexity of the CLI.

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Increasing IT Staff Proficiency and Productivity

Having the right software tools available can greatly improve the effectiveness and expertise of your IT team.  LiveAction’s network-wide visibility of traffic flows, QoS performance, routing, proactive monitoring and intelligent QoS configuration can cut the time to perform common tasks by more than 90%. This increase in effectiveness, and the use of proactive monitoring. has the additional benefit of reducing trouble-ticket volume and finger-pointing headaches between departments, which further increases staff productivity.

Other productivity increases can be realized for new IT projects such as rolling out applications or services such as VoIP, video, telepresence, and Unified Communications.  For each of these projects, LiveAction typically provides a up to 50-90% labor savings by providing better network awareness and visibility and the ability to modify QoS policies quickly and easily without using the CLI.  For some network engineers, the project is not possible to complete without LiveAction.

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White Paper—The Financial Benefits of Using LiveAction Software for Network QoS

This white paper uses real-world examples to demonstrate how implementing network quality of service management can provide quantifiable cost savings, improved profitability and ROI, reduced risk, and enhanced productivity.

LiveAction ROI Calculator

A quality QoS management tool like LiveAction can yield considerable cost savings both immediately and over time. If you are planning to expand services and bandwidth or need to mitigate the effects of network downtime, our ROI calculator functions as both a cost/savings spreadsheet as well as a checklist for planning and budgeting.


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